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Posted on December 11, 2013, by
Learn how to Create Space and Shoot like Cristano Ronaldo and Volley Like Rooney, with 3 simple tips from Pros to learn how to Play like a Pro
Posted on December 11, 2013, by
George Mells joined Coerver® Coaching at the age of six in 2004, where he first participated in a Holiday Clinic before progressing all the way through to the Performance Academy. He participated in his local Coerver® programme until 2007 after which he moved to New South Wales to attend Westfield High who offered George a scholarship largely...
Posted on December 06, 2013, by
Do you want to bring the “World’s Number 1 Soccer Teaching Skills Method″ to your club? This is now possible with the NEW Coerver® Partner club program, we can tailor a package for every club, from grassroots to professional level: Team Training sessions, Coach Education, Session Planning, E-learning and support for players and coaches and...
Posted on December 05, 2013, by
  We are delighted to announce that the Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma will be conducted in January 2014, in association with our global partner adidas® and our presenting partner FourFourTwo Performance. The Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma has been developed from 29 years of knowledge and work with the leading federations, clubs,...
Posted on December 04, 2013, by
Learn how to Cross like Beckham and Run with the Ball like Gareth Bale, with 3 tips from the Pros to learn how to Play like a Pro.
Posted on October 27, 2011, by
Coerver Coaching Australia is pleased to announce the signing of its most recent licensee Mr. John Cavanah as the licensee for North Queensland. Mr. Cavanah brings with him a wealth of experience from playing as a professional in the UK to Australia with Newcastle, Blacktown and Wollongong. Mr. Cavanah has successfully run several...