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Soccer skills teaching method

Coach Education
Age : 14 - 99

Suitable for: Coaches, Teachers, Parents, Personal Trainers

The Coerver® Coaching coach education pathway has been developed from 30+ years of knowledge and work with the leading federations, clubs, managers and star names in International Football.


Intro to Coerver Course:

The purpose of the Intro to Coerver® Course is to provide an overview of the Coerver® Coaching methodology, and focuses on Coerver® Ball Mastery and a study on 1 v 1.


Youth Diploma 1:

The purpose of the Youth Diploma is to help you, whether you are a professional academy coach, senior or junior youth coach, teacher or parent to plan & deliver more effective youth coaching sessions.

You will learn about the 6 Part Pyramid of Player Development that is the Coerver Curriculum. The Pyramid of Moves breaks down the most complicated actions into simple learnable steps and families. The Coerver Pathway to Soccer Excellence that features graduated pressure training to develop the Coerver Code’s 5 S qualities of skill, speed, strength, spirit and smarts.

And you will discover how the New Coerver® Coaching Session Planner makes your weekly, monthly or even season long session planning a breeze.

The Course will feature many proven, high quality drills & games from Coerver® Coaching’s 30+ year old history in the 4 Lectures and 4 Field Sessions where attendees are encouraged to join in and learn by doing.


Youth Diploma 2:

The Coerver® Coaching Youth Diploma 2 course expands on the knowledge gained from the Youth Diploma 1 course with a focus on how to develop a team style through individual and small group skills teaching both in and out of possession.

The Coerver ® Coaching Youth Diploma 2 is a 2-day course that has been broken down into 4 modules that will be presented through lecture presentations & practical demonstrations:

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