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Coerver Coaching Sydney North Shore - Small Group Sessions October School Holidays x 5


We are pleased to announce that we will be going ahead with small group sessions during the school holidays for up to 4 players per coach for players under the age of 16. However, spots are extremely limited, and we will only be able to operate at specific locations that are within both the clients and our coaches 5km radius. The locations that will operate in during the school holidays are as follows:

-          Morrison Bay Park (Putney)

-          Blackman Park (Lane Cove)

-          Christie Park (Macquarie Park)

-          Norman Griffiths (West Pymble)

-          Roseville Park (Roseville)

5 sessions x 1 hour per player - group of 4 players required


Each player in the group must be suited to the age and ability to the rest of the group (e.g. we cannot have a 5-year-old with a group of 10-year old’s for safety and engagement purposes).

Bookings will be completed by expression of interest via return email, and we will be in contact to confirm the time and location of the sessions. 

All Coerver Coaches running the small group sessions will have proof of full vaccination and will be wearing a mask at all times. 

It is very important that you read through and understand our Covid-19 protocol which is shown below:


Coerver Coaching Sydney North Shore Covid-19 Guidelines

Small Group Sessions:

Prior to Training

✓ All coaches and players live within the 5km radius

✓ Players must not participate if they have any covid-19 symptoms or have been a close contact to a person with covid-19 in the last 14 days

✓ Any program introductions or information will be completed by email

✓ All coaches are fully vaccinated and must always have vaccine certification on them 

✓ Strictly 4 players (maximum) to one coach ratio 


During Training

✓ All coaches must wear a mask

✓ Pick up and drop off only for parents to avoid foot traffic

✓ Players to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the start of training

✓ No physical contact or tackling

✓ Adequate spacing between player and staff (applying social distancing rules)

✓ Social distancing must apply between all players

✓ No handshakes, high-fives, and body contact

✓ Players must not touch any training equipment 

✓ Use hand sanitiser prior to the session, after the session and during any breaks

✓ Players must not share drink bottles or any food items 

 ✓ Players, staff and parents are required to leave the venue immediately after training

Quick Information

20/09/2021 - 01/10/2021


5 x 1hr sessions during the School Holidays




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