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Soccer skills teaching method

First Skills
Age : 3 - 6

First Skills is Coerver® Coaching’s market-leading proposition to parents of beginner players, ages 3-6. First Skills is more EDUCATIONAL, more EFFECTIVE, and more FUN! Than any other introductory soccer skills program. FIRST SKILLS builds the essential foundations young players need before they step into organized, competitive team play.

The Coerver® First Skills Foundation Pyramid has 4 components:

  • Skills (Basic Ball Mastery, and simple 1v1 Moves)
  • Speed (particularly mental reaction speed)
  • Shooting (kicking technique)
  • Small-sided games (2v2/3v3)

Coerver Coaching Sydney North Shore First Skills Term 2

29/04/2024 - 24/06/2024

Pottery Green Oval

4:30pm to 5:30pm