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Coerver Coaching Sydney North Shore Performance Academy 2020/21 - Goalkeeping - INVITE ONLY

PLEASE NOTE: This registration link is only for players who have received an official Performance Academy invite from COERVER® Coaching Sydney North Shore. Please do not register for this program unless you have received an invite.

Over the past 36 years Coerver® Coaching has built the reputation as the World’s leading soccer skills program, and Coerver® Coaching Sydney North Shore is now excited to announce that we will now be adding Goalkeeper Coaching to our list of programs!!

The world renown Coerver® Goalkeeping Curriculum has been continually updated over the years and now reflects the importance of good foot skills to the modern Goalkeeper. Our updated curriculum also includes the Goalkeeper’s role as a player who can help his/her team keep possession and start fast break attacks.

Coerver® Coaching Sydney North Shore is delighted to announce that we will be including Goalkeeper Coaching as a part of our Performance Academy where you will receive 50hrs of professional Coerver® Goalkeeping coaching from our specialist Coerver® Goalkeeping Coaches. The Coerver® Coaching Goalkeeping Pyramid includes:

  • Basic Techniques : Hands & Feet.
  • Positioning: Assist Goalkeepers to get into the correct positions to save, receive and distribute the ball.
  • Distribution: Throwing and Kicking.
  • Saving: The different saving techniques.
  • Game Play: Where the Goalkeeper can put all the various building blocks of our pyramid together.

Click here for full details on the Performance Academy.
Click here for the Performance Academy Calendar.
Click here for the Performance Academy Terms & Conditions.

For more information regarding the Performance Academy or any other COERVER® Coaching Sydney North Shore program please contact us at

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16/10/2020 - 26/02/2021

Macquarie University Gwilliam Oval (Macquarie University Sports Fields)



$1,250.00 AUD


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