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Coerver Coaching ACT Teachers Education Session at Lanyon High School

Coerver Coaching ACT recently presented a teachers education session to teachers at Lanyon High School. The teachers were taken through a series of practices they could use to improve their students individual core skills and team style in all sports.


The teachers studied the “star model” which uses famous soccer players to base sessions off. The teachers can implement this into their PE sessions moving forward to help to motivate and inspire their students.   

Coerver Coaching ACT instructor Benjamin Monteleone said “It was a pleasure to work with the staff of Lanyon High School. Their enthusiasm to learn and participate was great to see. I am delighted that the staff could take on board some of the principles of Coerver Coaching to help create challenging, fun and engaging sessions as well as using the ‘Star Model’ concept to inspire students. I look forward to hearing the feedback of students once these ideas are implemented into their P.E. classes.”


Coerver Coaching ACT would like to thank Lanyon High School for hosting the program as well as the teachers for their enthusiasm and dedication. If your school  or club would like a similar Coerver Coach education session please contact our office on: or 0422420383 for further details.