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Posted on June 28, 2016, by

Former FFA Technical Director Han Berger special guest at Coerver Coaching Diploma course in Holland held at FC Utrecht.

Han Berger said “Coerver Coaching is a global leader in youth development and essential for every player and coach”.

To see Hans full interview with Coerver Coaching Co-Founder Alfred Galustian click here


Photo Han Berger and Alfred Galustian

Posted on June 02, 2016, by

It was an easy decision for us to take on the Coerver Master Franchise for Singapore. Coerver, being the World’s No.1 football skills teaching method, gives us the opportunity to bring to Singapore unsurpassed knowledge and expertise in football skills coaching. With Coerver being acknowledged by some of the world’s leading players and coaches as the best in its field, we are excited to offer this to the young people of Singapore, a developed country and footballing nation.

Jim and John 2

(L-R  Jim Roberts Coerver Singapore International Director & John Longmire Coerver Franchise consultant)

Our Directors are based in Singapore and live here permanently, so we identify with the population, its culture and the footballing passion that exists here.