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Coerver Coaching Singapore’s Great Future Ahead

It was an easy decision for us to take on the Coerver Master Franchise for Singapore. Coerver, being the World’s No.1 football skills teaching method, gives us the opportunity to bring to Singapore unsurpassed knowledge and expertise in football skills coaching. With Coerver being acknowledged by some of the world’s leading players and coaches as the best in its field, we are excited to offer this to the young people of Singapore, a developed country and footballing nation.

Jim and John 2

(L-R  Jim Roberts Coerver Singapore International Director & John Longmire Coerver Franchise consultant)

Our Directors are based in Singapore and live here permanently, so we identify with the population, its culture and the footballing passion that exists here.

We will be ensuring Singaporeans, in particular the young, realise maximum enjoyment and benefit from Coerver products and services, not only from a football perspective but from an increased health, welfare and social perspective – creating improved life experiences at all levels. We will do this through highly skilled and experienced, internationally qualified staff and deliverers of the Worlds No1 teaching products and their associated programs.

To ensure Coerver products will be delivered with a high degree of consistency and quality, 8 franchises have been established across Singapore. All franchisees and their staff will be intensively trained and updated regularly in the World’s No1 skills teaching methods. The Franchisees will also be trained and regularly updated on the Singaporean “franchise code of ethics” and will be contractually required to operate with the highest degree of professionalism and with the highest level of personal and business integrity and ethics.

The Directors of Coerver Singapore have a combined wealth of international and domestic experience in football at all levels, both as an elite athlete and administrators. We have also engaged the services of a highly qualified and experienced international Managerial, Operations and Football Advisor, to assist us in ensuring that our products are delivered in a highly professional and successful manner, with dignity, pride and integrity.

All our staff will be fully trained and qualified through the world renowned Coerver diploma courses. We will deliver a whole range of products across all age groups and skill levels for males and females, including First Skills for the very young, Holiday Clinics, Athlete Development and Performance Academies. In addition, we will develop a comprehensive international touring program for our athletes, their families, coaches and administrators, to the best footballing nations in the world. This program will provide all involved with an otherwise non accessible exposure to the world’s most successful footballing strategies, combined with valuable cultural experiences, contributing greatly to our young Singaporean’s positive personal development.

Owen and John 2

(L-R Owen Monaghan Coerver Technical Director & John Longmire Coerver Franchise consultant)

We will provide opportunities for young Singaporeans to possess high levels of accomplished personal and team footballing skills with the view to improving their enjoyment of the game and life at all levels. Regardless of skill and ability level, all will experience personal development to the extent where they will enjoy greater health, welfare and social benefits and improved life skills, contributing to a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle.

Owen Monaghan – Technical Director
Jim Roberts – International Advisor
PJ Roberts – Director
For further information please visit:

Owen Monaghan
Coerver Coaching (Singapore)
+65 90014755