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Female Football Week 2024 Coerver Kid Interview - Aisha

To celebrate Female Football Week 2024 Coerver Coaching caught up with long-time Coerver ACT Kid Aisha to speak about her experiences with Coerver Coaching. Asiha has participated in Holiday Camps and has stated she wishes to be the player with the record number of years in the Performance Academy - she's currently at 5. Aisha has also been selected as the Overall Player of the Camp at the 2023 Asia-Pacific Performance Camp and has been given the opportunity to travel with Coerver Coaching to Osaka, Japan.

CC - "What do you enjoy most about Coerver Coaching sessions?"

Aisha - I like working on a bunch of different skills and then using them in small sided games. I also like the fact that there are game days and special sessions where we focus on shooting or game skills.

CC - "Can you describe the opportunities that Coerver Coaching has provided to you?"

Aisha - With Coerver coaching I have gone on a tour to Japan and I definitely think that that has made me a better football player in general. When the Woman’s World Cup was on, Coerver gave me the opportunity to be a ball kid and I got to meet a few of the players like Caitlin Foord. I think that the Woman’s World Cup was a huge inspiration for me and for many other girls around Australia and it was so great to be a part of it with Coerver.

CC - "How has Coerver Coaching helped improve your game?"

Aisha - Coerver Coaching has taught me many technically skills to use when attacking and defending. I think I have definitely become a more confident player through the years I’ve done Coerver.

CC - "Why would you recommend Coerver Coaching to other young female footballers?"

Aisha - "I would recommend Coerver Coaching to other girls because it’s a safe environment to improve your skills and to make new friends. The coaches are so supportive and work hard to make the sessions fun."

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